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Deep CNC engraved with Bitcoin logo. 24 disks sealed together to permanently backup your recovery seed. All parts made of solid marine grade Stainless Steel. 

The Bitcoin Edition of Hodlr solid cold storage is marked with Bitcoin block number at production time and uniquely numbered. All parts are made of solid marine grade Stainless Steel. Engineered tough to keep your recovery seeds safe for the very long term.

Hodlr Disks unique alphabetical design is extremely reliable, gives you an easy engraving experience and comfortable readability. Compatible with all BIP39 / SLIP39 hardware and software wallets.

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State of the art crypto seed backup.


All Hodlrs are designed with resilience in mind and allows to split your seed into shares.
Fully compatible with Shamir Secret Sharing and 24 words seed split. Use multiple HODLRs to protect your seed against loss and theft. Learn more →

What is HODLR Disks ?

HODLR Disks is a self-custodial physical cold storage backup tool for your hardware or software wallet recovery phrase.
Each unit is made of 24 disks sealed together and can backup a seed up to 24 words long. Compatible with any BIP39 / SLIP39 hardware or software wallet, it is made to keep your seed safe from hacks, destruction, loss & theft.
Designed as a self-custody DIY tool, there is no third-party involved to engrave, to store or to recover your seed.

Physical peace of mind.

With its 520gr / 1.15lb of the strongest marine grade stainless steel, HODLR Disks can withstand up to 100 tons of compression without any data loss. It was made extremely robust to protect your seed against fire, water, rust, shocks and time.
Electronic-free, it keeps your seed 100% offline at all time, out of reach of hackers.
Hodlr disks comes with a fully embedded tamper-proof locking system, impossible to open without tampering the uniquely numbered security seal. Multiple seals are included in the box.

Easy to use. Everything included.

The package comes with all the necessary tools and a straightforward step-by-step guided protocol on how to use your Hodlr Disks to secure your recovery seed.
Both the engraving protocol and recovery protocol were designed with simplicity and security in mind.
Engraving your seed is made effortless by the included automatic center punch.

Reliability, by design.

Hodlr Disks alphabetical design is extremely reliable and gives you an very easy engraving experience .
Immediately readable on the go, simply spin the disks and read your words to recover your seed in less than a minute.

First four letters are enough to unambiguously  identify each word of your mnemonic seed.
First four letters are enough to unambiguously  identify each word of your mnemonic seed.

How It Works

PRE-MARK. Error free process
ENGRAVE. Permanent & unalterable
STORE. Tamper-evident locking system


  • Close to undestructible

    • 100% Marine Grade Stainless Steel
    • Fireproof up to 1,350 °C (2,460 °F)
    • Waterproof, Shockproof

  • 100% offline cold storage

    • DIY tool - no third party involved
    • Hackerproof
    • Electronic free

  • Easy to use

    • BIP39 / SLIP39 hardware wallet ready
    • 24 spinning disks for fast reading
    • Ready to punch pre-engraved letters

  • Special features

    • Ready to punch backup identification
    • Ready to punch recovery sheme
    • Equipped with a bottom magnet

  • Robust monobloc design

    • Weight. 540g / 1.15 lb
    • Diameter. 61mm / 2.4”
    • Height. 27mm / 1.06”

  • Maximized security

    • Tamper-proof locking system
    • Optimized for secret sharing
    • Recovery schemes scheets included

What's in the box ?


• High end box sealed into aluminium ThermoSeal pouch


• Dimensions: 16cm x 16cm x 3.8cm / 6.3” x 6.3” x 2.7”
• Full package weight: 1kg / 2.2lb
• HODLR weight: 520gr / 1.15lb

• Package content: 1 HODLR / 1 Automatic Center Punch
5 Tamper-Proof Seals / 2 Camera Covers / 1 Wrench
1 Earplugs Set / 1 Marker / 1 Pencil
1 Disks Protocol Booklet / 4 Recovery Sheme Sheets


• Step by step guided protocol, 20 page booklet

Recovery Schemes

• Solo Recovery Sheet for 1 Holdr Disks
(12 and 24 words)

• Twins Recovery Sheet for 2 Holdr Disks
(12 and 24 words)

• Split 2-of-3 Recovery Sheet for 3 Holdr
Disks (24 words)

• Shamir 2-of-3 Recovery Sheet for 3
Holdr Disks (20 words)

• Shamir 3-of-5 Recovery Sheet for 5
Holdr Disks (20 words)

Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews

Super produit, on a l’impression que c’est de la bonne qualité. La livraison et le service clients au top!

not your keys not your bitcoin

Simple & efficient ! Fast & discreet delivery

Superservice, tolles Gerät

Nachdem der erste Hodler umgetauscht worden ist, weil er nicht zu öffnen war, funktioniert der zweite tadellos. Er ist in der Zwischenzeit seiner Funktion gerecht geworden und befindet sich nun an einem sicheren Ort. Es ist also alles bestens.
Besonders muss ich mich beim hervorragenden Service insbesondere Leia bedanken. Antworten auf meine Fragen kamen sofort. Hier sind alle verfügbaren Daumen oben.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Excelent product

I’m verry happy to select hodlr one titanium, because it’s compact,light and verry easy to hide, for me the relation price vs. quality are good, thanks hodlr.swiss team

Most impressive seed storage device

I have studied all of the top seed phrase storage plates/devices for countless hours. This one by far takes the cake. There isn’t anything that wasn’t thought of. It looks and feels great. And the anonymity that comes with it is the cherry on top. This is the only storage device I recommend to my friends and family. Amazing products, Keep up the great work guys!

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Hodlr Disks Bitcoin