Engineered in Switzerland

Attention to details

Committed to Excellence

Rigorous quality controls

Superior Quality Materials

Top-grade metals sourcing

Maximum resilience


Hodlrs are designed for resilience, enabling seed splitting into shares. Fully compatible with Shamir Secret Sharing and 24-word seed split, use multiple Hodlrs for enhanced protection against loss and theft.


Hodlr Disks offers a self-custodial physical cold storage backup for your crypto wallet recovery phrase. It is made to safeguard your seed from hacks, damage, loss, and theft. Capable of storing 1x24 or 2x12 word seeds, it is compatible with all BIP39 and SLIP39 wallets. Designed as a DIY tool, it eliminates third-party involvement in engraving, storing, or recovering your seed.


Crafted from 520g / 1.1lb of marine-grade stainless steel, Hodlr Disks is extremely robust. It can withstands 100 tons of compression and safeguard your seed from fire, water, rust, and time. This electronic-free, 100% offline solution keeps hackers at bay. Featuring a tamper-evident locking system with unique numbered seals, any tampering is easily detected.


Hodlr Disks' ultra reliable alphabetical seed storage provides simplicity, faster engraving, and easier recovery. It doesn't require any conversion of your seed words into numbers or complex encodings. Reading and recovering your secret phrase takes less than a minute. Engraving is straightforward with the automatic center punch and the included error-proof guided protocol.