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Crafted from premium aerospace stainless steel, the new Hodlr Disks offer a durable backup for your secret recovery phrase in long-term cold storage.

The aerospace stainless steel is etched to improve readability and punching accuracy, making it a notably more reliable choice than other stainless steel plates for precise marking and recovery of your master seed.

Physical Peace Of Mind

Crafted from 520g / 1.1lb of aerospace grade stainless steel, Hodlr Disks is extremely robust. It can withstands 100 tons of compression and safeguard your seed from fire, water, rust, and time.

This electronic-free, 100% offline solution keeps hackers at bay. Featuring a tamper-evident locking system with unique numbered seals, any tampering is easily detected.

As fully tested and featured in the blogs of @lopp, @econoalchemist and @bitcoinmagazine.

Your Keys, Your Control

Hodlr Disks offers a self-custodial physical cold storage backup for your crypto wallet recovery phrase. It is made to safeguard your seed from hacks, damage, loss, and theft.

Capable of storing 1x24 or 2x12 word seeds, it is compatible with all BIP39 and SLIP39 wallets. Designed as a DIY tool, it eliminates third-party involvement in engraving, storing, or recovering your seed.

Effortlessly engrave your seed in metal using BIP39 or SLIP39, the open-source industry-standard numerical conversion systems. Their wordlists are designed such that seed words can always be identified as 4-digit numbers, ensuring a consistent, reliable recovery method.

Simple Alphabetical Layout

Hodlr Disks' ultra reliable alphabetical seed storage provides simplicity, faster engraving, and easier recovery.

It doesn't require any conversion of your seed words into numbers or complex encodings. Simply pre-mark and punch the first four letters of your seed words into the metal.

Reading and recovering your secret phrase takes less than a minute. Engraving is straightforward with the automatic center punch and the included mistake-proof guided protocol.
Maximum resilience

Anti-Theft Protection

Implementing 2-of-3 Split or Shamir Secret backup solutions is an optimal strategy for dispersing your self-custody crypto assets across various locations. Even if a share is lost or stolen, you are still safeguarded, and recovery remains possible, offering an effective shield against loss and theft.

Hodlr Disks Multi-Packs excel in Anti-Theft and Anti-Loss security, featuring clear engraving areas for multiple backup identifications and multi-share tracking, up to 16 shares.

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Customer Reviews

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Very Professional Backup

Package comes with 2 magnetic boxes that look & feel super pristine.
Magnet is very strong it holds up facing flat on any metal surface, but facing sideways it starts slowly to slide down which isn't a big deal unless you plan to slide it vertical in between something.


Hodlr Disks Classic

Big Recommendation

The packaging is very nice and the HODLR is really high quality.
The centerpunsher works well, but there is also a thing with which you can hammer the 'holes' manually. This i liked even more.
I also really appreciate the tamperproof stickers and the gratis bitcoin stickers.

So i really recommend the HODLR!!