Pros and Cons of a Double-Layer Seed Phrase Metal Backup

Pros and Cons of a Double-Layer Seed Phrase Metal Backup

Key takeaways:

- Understanding the concept of an additional metal shell for seed backups.
- The benefits of having a double-layer metal backup.
- Possible downsides of the double-layer design.
- Keeping the seed safe through the chaotic aftermath following a major disaster.
- How Hodlr caters to diverse needs by offering both single and double-layer options.

Introductory summary

There are two main designs around seed metal backups. The seed can be engraved on a metal part with its surface directly exposed to the environnement, or the engraved metal part can be further encased into a second metal layer, creating a double-layer metal backup. This article explores the pros and cons of such design, highlighting the increased security it provides and the considerations one should bear in mind.

The concept of a double-layer design

In the realm of crypto seed backups, a double-layer metal backup refers to a system where the metal part holding the engraved seed words is enclosed within an additional layer of metal. For example, Hodlr Disks uses a ring that locks and seals all disks into a solid, monoblock design. On the contrary, Hodlr One is made of a single disk sealed with a tamper-evident sticker, without an additional metal layer. Each system has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits of a double-layer seed metal backup

The most compelling argument for an additional metal shell is the creation of a locked safe, an intuitive way to protect a valuable item. It creates a secret space that is shielded from external damages.

In catastrophic events such as earthquakes or house fires, the outer shell of a double-layer seed backup system may endure deformation, but its role in securing the contents becomes even more crucial. This additional layer acts as a safeguard, locking the precious seed securely within, and becoming an essential line of defense in the tumultuous aftermath of such calamities.

Let's picture the chaos that unfolds following a major disaster like an earthquake or a house fire. As the smoke clears or the earth settles, the recovery and clearing process begins. This process often involves a myriad of different individuals, some of whom you may not have expected to be rifling through your personal belongings.

First responders, like firefighters and police, arrive to secure the area, assess the damage and ensure safety. Then, there are the insurance adjusters who survey the site to evaluate the loss. Debris removal crews start working to clear the rubble and recover salvageable items. Beyond these, you may also find investigation teams looking for the cause of the event, utility workers restoring services, and even neighbors, friends, or volunteers who've come to lend a hand. 

All these people, while performing their duties or helping out, could unintentionally stumble upon your seed backup. If the seed were simply protected by a tamper-evident sticker, the heat from a fire could have burned it off, revealing your seed to anyone who happens to pick it up. 

But with a double-layer system, the outer shell keeps the seed hidden and locked away. This ensures that even amidst the turmoil and flurry of activity following a disaster, your seed remains inaccessible, hidden from prying eyes until you can retrieve it. In addition, if the outer metal shell were to be slightly deformed by the catastrophic event, no one, unless equipped with the proper metal cutting tools and knowledge, can breach this second layer of defense, giving you peace of mind and valuable time to recover the seed backup yourself.

This scenario underscores the crucial role of the outer shell in a double-layer system. It does more than just protect the seed from the immediate impact of a catastrophe; it keeps it secure throughout the ensuing recovery process, ensuring your digital assets remain safe no matter what.

Additionally, the second metal shell offers an extra layer of physical protection against extreme conditions like fire or saline environments. It also serves as a convenient storage space for tamper-proof stickers, ensuring they are always on hand when needed. Moreover, this space can be used to store a small note.

The downsides of a double-layer seed metal backup

While the double-layer system offers many advantages, it does come with some potential drawbacks. The primary one being that it makes the device heavier and more expensive. Additionally, some users may prefer a smaller, lighter, and easily concealed product, which a double-layer system might not provide.

Hodlr: catering to diverse needs

At Hodlr, we believe in the superiority of the double-layer system for maximum seed backup protection. However, we understand that individual needs vary, and some may prefer simpler, lighter and more affordable options. Therefore, we offer both single and double-layer options, allowing our customers to choose according to their specific requirements.


While the double-layer metal backup system offers enhanced protection, its suitability largely depends on individual needs and preferences. At Hodlr, we're committed to delivering solutions that cater to a wide range of requirements, offering products with one or two layers. Regardless of your choice, the security and durability of your digital assets are our top priority.

Hodlr One has a single layer design.
Hodlr Disks Classic and Hodlr Disks Stealth have a double-layer design.

Secure your digital future with Hodlr double-layer backups

Securing your digital assets requires more than just the right tools - it requires the right guidance. At Hodlr, we're not just about providing state-of-the-art seed backup solutions. We're also here to guide you on your journey towards optimal seed security. If you need any help choosing between a single or double-layer system, understanding more about seed backup security, or have any other concerns, our expert team is always available. Remember, safeguarding your digital assets starts with a secure seed backup, and we're here to help you every step of the way on your seed security journey.


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