Seed phrase storage: How to choose the right metal for your crypto steel backup ?

Seed phrase storage: How to choose the right metal for your crypto steel backup ?


- Importance of choosing the right metal for your seed phrase storage.
- Standard steel is not optimal for metal crypto wallet backups. Stainless steel and titanium are.
- Core characteristics: High melting point, corrosion resistance, engraving ease.
- Many commercial crypto seed storage neglect these essential factors.
- Common metals like standard steel, aluminium, brass, or zinc fall short.
- Engraving ease and metal hardness are an important points to consider.
- Hodlr's commitment to quality: the best metal for the best crypto seed phrase storage and long-term peace of mind.


Preserving the integrity of your recovery seed phrase storage is vital. It is the DNA of all your private keys. The metal used to backup your hardware wallet recovery phrase is not just about aesthetics. It is first and foremost about the long term security of your digital assets.

This article delves into the details of why choosing the right metal for a crypto seed phrase storage is critically important. The wrong material choice could lead to irreversible consequences.

We investigate which metals are suitable for engraving seed phrases securely and with ease. Resistance to fire, water, corrosion, and time are discussed.

Choosing the right metal for the best crypto seed phrase storage

When it comes to securing your digital wealth in the physical world, understanding the fundamental characteristics of different metals is key. Your metal seed backup, after all, must withstand the test of time and the elements. It's not just a product; it's an armour safeguarding your crypto assets.

Your wallet's backup must be the best metal seed phrase storage possible, and it starts with its material quality.

Crypto steel: debunking the "steel" myth to be equipped with the best crypto steel wallet

Metal devices made to store your seed phrase and backup your crypto wallets are often called "steel crypto wallets". However, it's crucial to discern that the best material is not just any standard steel. Instead, the mandatory superior choice for your metal crypto wallet lies in stainless steel or titanium.

Their resistance to corrosion is higher than most other materials. This property is essential for the long-term storage and legibility of your seed phrase. A well-chosen metal serves as the first line of defence in safeguarding your digital wealth from rust and environmental damages.


The melting point and why it matters for your seed phrase storage

The melting point is a very important factor when choosing the metal of your mnemonic seed phrase storage. There are many other influencing factors to consider.

In case of a house fire average temperatures can reach up to 1000°C (1832°F), with even higher °T bursts. In such cases, the integrity of your metal seed is compromised if it's made of a low-melting-point metal. Ideally, the metal should have a melting point at least 250°C (480°F) above the average house fire temperature. 

The following table shows different metals and their properties: melting temperature, corrosion resistance, and suitability for a metal crypto wallet. 

Metal Name [°C] Melting Temperature [°F] Melting  Temperature Corrosion Resistance Comment
Aluminum 660°C 1220°F Good
Low melting point
Brass 930°C 1710°F Fair
Low melting point
Bronze 913°C 1675°F Good Low melting point
Copper 1084°C 1983°F Excellent
Low melting point
Cast Iron 1204°C 2200°F Poor Low corrosion resistance
Carbon Steel 1425-1540°C 2597-2800°F Good Too hard to engrave
Stainless Steel 1300 – 1530°C 2500-2785°F Excellent Suitable
Titanium 1670°C 3038°F Excellent Suitable
Zinc 420°C 787°F Poor
Low melting point
Gold 1063°C 1945°F Excellent
Low melting point 
Platinum 1770°C 3218°F Excellent Very expensive
Silver 961°C 1762°F Excellent

Low melting point


Resistance to corrosion: your crypto seed storage must be immune

When discussing metal seed backups, another characteristic often overlooked is corrosion resistance. It is crucial to select a metal that can resist corrosion to ensure the longevity of your metal seed wallet. Corrosion mainly comes from water, humidity and acidic environments

A crypto seed storage made of a metal susceptible to corrosion can gradually deteriorate over time when exposed to saline environments. It could result in the potential loss of your seed phrase valuable information. This is particularly true for people living in coastal areas, where the air is constantly charged with micro drops of saline water.


Don't underestimate the importance of your crypto seed phrase storage material. This is a long-term investment that safeguards your digital assets. It's better to be safe and secure with a slightly more expensive, yet high-quality metal than to risk losing all your Bitcoin, crypto and NFTs due to inferior materials.

Engraving ease: don't choose a hard metal for your seed phrase storage

While high resistance to heat and corrosion are crucial, another equally important factor is the ease of engraving. Certain metals, while offering excellent thermal and corrosion resistance, might be too hard. It makes the engraving process of your wallet seed phrase too difficult.

The best hardness for a stainless steel plate is usually soft to mild. The 316L variant is an ideal choice, as it provides a good balance of resistance and engraving ease. In this regard, pure titanium is also a top performer to keep your seed phrase secure.

Our commitment to quality: the best metal for the best crypto seed storage

Unfortunately, many commercially available crypto steel wallets neglect these key characteristics. They offer cheaper options made of metals such as standard steel, aluminium, brass, or zinc.
Metal seed storage devices made with these metals might be more affordable. However, when exposed to high temperatures or corrosive environments, they fail to provide the necessary protection for your metal seed phrase backup. 

At Hodlr, we understand the gravity of choosing the right metal for your crypto seed storage. Leveraging our extensive expertise in metal engineering, we meticulously source the appropriate metals for our products, focusing on quality and longevity.

We ensure that our stainless steel and titanium crypto seed phrase storage products are always made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel or Aerospace Grade Titanium.

We stand firm in our commitment to provide you the tools to safeguard your seed phrase and offer you peace of mind over the long term.


For your metal seed phrase backup to be good at what it was designed for, the right material choice is its cornerstone. Safeguarding digital wealth in the physical world starts with the ability of the metal to withstand environmental damages. Wether it is fire, water, rust, shocks, compression, or time, the right metal for your seed phrase storage must provide a layer of security that's enduring enough.

Remember, your seed phrase metal backup is the quiet sentinel, guarding your secret phrase from physical damage and environmental degradation, ensuring that your digital assets remain secure, forever.

Crypto can be daunting, but we're here to help. Our team of experts at Hodlr provide experienced guidance to both experienced enthusiasts and newcomers.

If you need help understanding more about metal seed backups, reach out to us via our online chat or email us at: We'll be more than glad to assist you on your crypto journey, making it safe, secure, and enjoyable.


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